Evgeny Chernyakov (b. 1982) is a Saint Petersburg based documentary photographer and visual artist. 

He is the member of the Union of photo artists of Russia.

He had publications in the Russian magazine “Kommersant/Ogoniok”, “Russian Reporter”, “Zapovednik space”, “Republic”, “Pravmir”, the news agency “Izvestia”, “Regnum”, the portal “Les.Media”, in the newspapers “Neva time”, “My area” St. Petersburg, “Kirishsky torch” Leningrad region.



2020 College Photographer of the Year / winner (bronze) 

2020 The All-Russian photo contest “Fix the world” / shortlist  

2019 Exibart Street  photography contest / shortlist   

2018 The All-Russian photo contest “Without Barriers” / winner

2017 The All-Russian photo contest “Young photographers of Russia” / finalist



2019 “Polar day” Nickel, Murmansk region, Russia.



2019-2020 Documentary photography school “Docdocdoc”, Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

2016-2017 Course of Sergei Maximishin “Photography in the magazine”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2015-2016 Course of Anatoly Maltsev “News photography”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2013-2014 Course of Anatoly Maltsev “Press photography”, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2010-2013 The Halperin’s faculty of photojournalists, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2000-2006 The power engineering faculty of the Polytechnic University, Saint Petersburg, Russia.   


Group exhibitions 

2020 The photo exhibition “Fixfest” in the New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. 

2018 The photo exhibition “Without Barriers”, Moscow.

2017 The photo exhibition “Young photographers of Russia”, Moscow.

2016 The photo exhibition of the graduates of the news photography course “Tsekh”, St. Petersburg.

2013 The photo exhibition of graduates the Faculty of photojournalists, St. Petersburg.

2011 The photo exhibition of students the Faculty of photojournalists, St. Petersburg.

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